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Tuesday 13/04/2021

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70.00 50.00 110.00
EVENING  (6pm - 11:45pm) 100.00 60.00 150.00
ALL DAY (Limited availability Mon-Fri 8am - 11pm) 240.00 160.00 390.00

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Hall Insurance and Terms & Conditions

The latest Terms & Conditions for booking Crockham Hill Village Hall, including the sale of alcohol and insurance requirements can be viewed in a new window by clicking this link: Download Terms & Conditions
*Please tick to certify that you have viewed the T&C
I have read the Terms & Conditions
Very Important: Section 5 of the T&C relates to insurance and must be read, especially if you are a Commercial Hirer. Please select your insurance requirements below.
I am a private hirer and wish to use the Hall's Public Liability insurance as I do not have any of my own. I have read section 5 of the T&C
  I am a commercial hirer or have my own Public Liability Insurance of no less than 2 million which will cover this event. I have read section 5 of the T&C.

Hall Privacy Policy

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I am happy to send my contact details securely to the Bookings Officer. My details will not be shared with anyone else, and will only be used to contact me with regard to this booking. See Privacy Policy for more details.


Please note that sending this form does not guarantee your booking. Bookings are taken on a first-come, first-served basis, and need to be approved before being confirmed. The Hall Manager will send you a Confirmation or Rejection email within 3 days. The Confirmation email will contain further details, including how to pay.